To contribute to education being the catalyst for social transformation in South Africa.


Inspire Belief is Belief is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching the educational opportunities in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. We believe that schools must be at the heart of the communities they serve. We offer scholarships to learners, grants to teachers, coaching, mentoring and financial literacy programmes for both teachers and learners, and many more other educational opportunities. By doing this, we will give learners and teachers a better everyday life.


It all started after Frank Magwegwe read this passage from South Africa’s National Development (NDP) Plan 2030:


To achieve our vision, each South African must make a contribution. Active citizenry requires showing inspirational leadership at all levels of society, Leaders should mobilise communities to take charge of their future, raise grievances and assume responsibility for ensuring outcomes achieved.”


After spending Sept- Oct 2013, participating in the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme, Frank returned to South Africa with a deep desire to be an active citizen who would contribute to the realisation of the NDP vision, through a formal vehicle. He decided to set up a non-profit organisation and Inspire Belief was born in 2014 out of this deep desire to play a part in South Africa’s 2030 vision.


Why Education?

We believe in Social Transformation through Education. Education is fundamental for participation in today’s society and the bridge to a better future for children from impoverished communities. Education is widely acknowledged as the most powerful and effective way to address the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment that South Africa faces. We have committed to focus on education, taking our inspiration from the introduction to Chapter 9: Improving Education, Training and Innovation of the National Development Plan, Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela.


The Inspire Belief Scholarship is awarded to one student in each grade, from grades 8 to 11 at Masibambane High school each year, based on high academic achievement as measured by rank in grade. The Inspire Belief Scholarship is a one-time, award with the following monetary value:

  • First position in grade – 100% contribution to annual fees in the following year
  • Second position in grade – 50% contribution to annual fees in the following year
  • Third position in grade – 25% contribution to annual fees in the following year

Career Guidance

Through our partnership with The Education Agency, Inspire Belief pays for the career evaluation exercise and report for students from grades 9 to 12. We believe that, particularly in impoverished communities, career guidance is critical for students. Through The Education Agency, Inspire Belief will give each learner access to an individual comprehensive report of subjects’ selection, tertiary qualification and institutions and the most suitable career options.







Frank Magwegwe — Founder and Managing Director

Thuli Zulu – Director

Atasha Reddy – Director


Telephone: +27 (0)82 881 9901
Email: frank.magwegwe@gmail.com